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October 7, 2012
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Chapter1: Why?

(note: Finn is 17 here)

Finn was laying on his bed, curled up, crying and clutching a framed photo to his chest. The photo was of Flame Princess, his girlfriend. Her death had almost destroyed him, both physically and emotionally, because he had been mutilating himself since then (he had been cutting himself) and his arms were almost covered in scars. He cannot shake the image of the Lich snuffing her, it haunted him every single time he closed his eyes. He had been lying in his bed for two days straight, and Jake was worried sick about him. He called the only person he knew could help Finn, and that person was Marceline. Back at Marceline's house, she was playing her bass like always, when she recieved a phone call, she put down her bass and answered the phone. "Hello?" she asked, "hi Marceline, it''s Jake" said Jake. "Hey Jake, what's up?" asked Marceline, Jake replied "it's about Finn, I think he's gonna try to kill himse-FINN, COME BACK HERE, PUT DOWN THAT SWORD!!!". Marceline almost dropped the phone when she heard this, so she left the phone on her bed and flew to the Tree Fort at full speed. Finn was holding the steel sword he got from Fight King's colosseum, he aimed the blade at his chest, and hoped that he would get to see Flame Princess again. Marceline burst into the room at just the right moment and knocked Finn to the floor, the sword clattered on the floor a few feet away. "LET ME GO!" yelled Finn, he tried to get free, but Marceline held him there until he calmed down, she picked him up and hugged the crying human "I just can't believe that she's gone" said Finn while sobbing into Marceline's shirt. Marceline knew about Flame Princess, and fully supported that Finn was happy with her, but when she died, Finn had become emotionally distraught, he had lost someone that he could've had a meaningful long-term relationship with. Marceline decided to spend the night at the Tree Fort to help comfort Finn.
Chapter 1 of my Finnceline Fanfiction

There isn't much literature that can make me cry (or feel like crying), reading this over after writing it brought me very close to crying.
Before I wrote this, I got thinking, if they made Finnceline canon, how would they go about building up to him choosing Marceline over Flame Princess? Well heres what I came up with, FP is killed by the Lich, and Finn becomes emotionally distraught, he cuts himself, and then goes about trying to commit suicide so he can be with his deceased love, and Marceline intervenes.

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